10 Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy

10 – Pacific Southwest Airlines

This photo is the last picture of the Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 that crashed into another air ship over San Diego in 1978. Each of the 137 travelers on load up died thus did 7 individuals on the ground were parts of the plane landed.

9- Mt. Everest Explorers

 This picture is the last known photograph of George and Sandy at base camp in 1924. They were most recently seen alive at the North East edge while they were making their climb of Mt. Everest. It is obscure if these two really made it to the summit or not.

8- The Titanic
 This is the last known photograph of the Titanic, the pontoon that they said was resilient. The Titanic was at last sunk by an ice shelf and 710 individuals were spared while 1500 others died.
7- Nightclub Fire

 This photograph was truly taken seconds before a fire that would kill 100 individuals at the Station club in Rhode Island in 2003. The fire was brought on by the chief of the band who was setting off fireworks. The fire gained out of power when it touched off with combustible soundproofing inside the dividers

6-Notorious BIG


 This is the last known photo of Big befor he kicked the bucket. He was just 24 years of age when he was killed, there is theory of who slaughtered him, yet their is murder is as yet unsolved. Biggie is one of the best rappers to ever walk this world. 

5- 911 Victim

This picture is of Joe Kelly. Joe can be seen here with his two children at a Yankees amusement. Kelly was executed when a gathering of muslim psychological oppressor fly 2 planes into the twin towers in NYC. This catastrophe brought about the passings of 2,996 pure casualties.

4- Bear Kills Hiker

 This photograph was taken by a climber that was murdered by a mountain bear. Darsh Patel was executed on September 21st 2015 in a lush region where the casualty was climbing. The Cell telephone that contained the photograph was found with a nibble check in it from the bears tooth. 

3- James Dean

 This photograph was taken of on-screen character James Dean only minutes before his lethal pile up in 1955. Senior member was just 24 years of age at the season of his demise.

2- Johnny Cash

 This Photo was taken a couple of months before the well known Cash kicked the bucket because of a broken heart after his better half passed away. This photograph was taken amid his last ever show which was at the Carter Ranch in Hiltons, VA. 

1- Patrick Swayze
 This one is only a colossal bummer. This photo was taken in a matter of seconds before Patrick Swayze kicked the bucket because of pancreatic disease, he was just 57. Swayze wound up noticeably well known in the mid 80’s for his parts in films like Dirty Dancing and Ghost.